Career in Xiamen University

This is the seventh year I have been in Xiamen. It is almost my second hometown. I have resided in all three campuses.

Zhangzhou Campus

My first two years.

Main campus

Although only one year I have been in main campus, I’d like to say this is one of the most colorful years in my life.

Xiang’an Campus

At here, I met my beloved girlfriend. I felt in love with her at the first glance. I still remember that moment. It is a early winter. She had a pink sweater and a green pants. She is so attractive when I saw her. Her smile is adorable, like a piece of ruby shining under sunshine. After that, I tried my best to get close to her. She was so happy when I asked her to be my girlfriend. Although there are some fights and cold war between us in the first couples of yeas, our love were heating up. We travelled together, watched live show together, studied at library to close together. we did everything like most couples did in campus.

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Dr. Hui Lin (林辉)
Dr. Hui Lin (林辉)
Assistant Researcher

My research interests include Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in natural waters, marine chemistry using isotope methodology and freshwater sciences.